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Ten Techniques to Make Decisions: #2 Multivoting

September 1, 2014

“After we brainstorm, it almost always takes too long to narrow down our options to a few of the most realistic ideas for discussion. What can we do to save time in this situation?”

#2  Multivoting

What is Multivoting?

Multivoting is a technique for narrowing a wide range of ideas or choices down to the few most appropriate, feasible, and important. This technique saves time while still considering every idea that has been generated.

While Multivoting is not a technique for making a single, specific decision, it is a fabulous technique for prioritizing large amounts of information Continue reading

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Ten Techniques to Make Decisions: #1 Vroom Yetten Decision Making Model

August 27, 2014

Making decisions is a key activity in today’s participative meetings.  Once a problem has been defined, analyzed, and the potential solutions brainstormed, decisions must be made.  How can a meeting group or organization improve their quality of decision making and do so with a minimum amount of stress?  My next blogs provide ten techniques to ensure that the best decisions are made, the decisions are understood and agreed upon, and that when multiple decisions are made, they are prioritized for the most effective implementation.

The ten techniques to make decisions include:

  1. Vroom Yetton Decision Making Model
  2. Multivoting Continue reading
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