Organizational Development Consultant and Leadership Coach

Mission & Values

Ava S. Butler Mission & ValuesMission Statement

  • To partner with leaders to implement sustainable change
  • To provide and build the expertise required to achieve long term and sustainable change through consulting, writing, teaching and coaching

Professional Values


  • It is impossible to help a person, team or organization change without respecting who they are, and honoring their individual perspectives and experiences. Respect does not necessarily mean agreement or compliance.


  • Involvement of key stakeholders in the design and focus of a strategic change improves the:
    • Quality of the solution
    • Likelihood that the change will be sustainable


  • The best solution is the one that will get implemented, not the one that is strategically most ‘pure’.   Finding the best solution for each particular solution requires an understanding of the:
    • Requirements of key stakeholders
    • Skills and capabilities of those required to implement the change
    • Current capacity and need for change