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Inclusive Facilitation for Social Change

August 31, 2023


Facilitating inclusive meetings is a vital skill that can transform ordinary gatherings into effective and empowering experiences for everyone involved. Especially when working toward social change, fostering inclusive spaces is essential to ensure that the voices, perspectives, and needs of all individuals are acknowledged and actively included—particularly for voices that are often left out of the decision-making process. By promoting equitable participation, inclusive facilitation cultivates richer conversations and increased collaboration resulting in more effective and comprehensive solutions to advance social impact work.

From strategy workshops to board meetings to focus groups with community members, FSG has collectively facilitated hundreds of virtual meetings. With so many gifted facilitators across the organization, we asked individuals across FSG to share their recommendations for building spaces that foster active participation, nurture collaboration, and drive impactful results. This piece shares insights for inclusive facilitation for before, during, and after a meeting.

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Ava S. Butler is an organizational development consultant and leadership coach, specializing in transformational change.

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