Organizational Development Consultant and Leadership Coach

Tools of Transformation

Transformation ToolDefinition Overview
1. Business CasesDescribes the rational, political and emotional benefits of making a change with the purpose of influencing decision makers to approve the change
2. Stakeholder Identification & PlanningThe process of identifying which groups and individuals have a stake in the outcome of your proposed change, learning what their needs and perspectives are, and planning how to include these people and address their issues during each phase of designing and implementing the change.
3. Transformation MapsA one page visual depiction of the strategy for implementing a change. It describes the major results, actions and milestones required to achieve the change, along with the expected time frame for achieving them.
4. Project ChartersThe process of agreeing and documenting the deliverables, approach and timing required to define and implement the change.
5. Project TeamsA group of people called together to analyze the current situation, design the elements of the change, and identify the steps to achieve it.
6. Executive Steering GroupA group which is called together to oversee the change. This group represents your major stakeholder groups, and has the decision making authority to drive the direction of your change project.
7. MeetingsWhen used correctly, meetings are a powerful mechanism for expressing ideas, gathering information, making decisions and communicating change.
8. Progress ReviewsThe mechanism for tracking a project's progress and results with key stakeholders. When done on a timely basis, progress reviews can help maintain momentum, and ensure that results are achieved.
9. Roles & Responsibility Charting: RACIRACI is a method to agree and document roles and responsibilities. It documents accountabilities, as well as who will be involved in doing the work, who will be consulted before a decision, and who will be informed after the decision is taken or action accomplished.
10. Sustainability AnalysisA method for identifying and addressing issues critical to making the change stick.