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20 Techniques to Improve Meeting Productivity: #14 Analogies and Metaphors

February 13, 2014

“Sometimes critical information isn’t understood in our meetings as clearly as I would like. Important points seem to get lost because they are either complicated, dull, or both. What alternatives do we have to get key points across?”



The ANALOGIES AND METAPHORS technique helps your meeting participants focus and crystalize their thinking and understanding of an issue. It can also be used to emphasize key points of a topic under discussion. This technique is especially applicable for information that is difficult to understand or explain in simple terms. ANALOGIES AND METAPHORS Continue reading

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20 Techniques to Improve Meeting Productivity: #13 Art

February 10, 2014

“My participants sometimes seem to get bogged down in their own logic. This inhibits their creativity and negatively impacts the energy of the group. I am looking for a way to get people to think more creatively so we can develop a deeper understanding of an issue. Is there a technique that will help us see things through different eyes?”

13. ART

What Is ART?

ART is a technique for helping your meeting participants think and express themselves differently.

When people articulate their thoughts in atypical ways, they tend to produce a broader spectrum of information. And sometimes the most Continue reading

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20 Techniques to Improve Meeting Productivity: #9 Shredded Questions

January 20, 2014

 “It seems as if conversations at our meetings always go around in circles. We talk about different aspects of the same question all at the same time. Is there a specific technique we can use that will give us some structure and control over this?”



The SHREDDED QUESTIONS technique outlines an orderly process for addressing a specific meeting issue or agenda item. This technique ensures that every appropriate facet or element of the specific issue under discussion will be examined thoroughly and efficiently.

Generally, the facets of meeting issues include:

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20 Techniques to Improve Meeting Productivity: #3 Groundrules

December 2, 2013

“Sometimes people act inappropriately at our meetings. They come in late, interrupt others, ramble from topic to topic, dominate discussions, are hostile to the ideas and opinions of others, and have side conversations. Is there an easy way to handle these situations?”

Technique 3. GROUND RULES

GROUND RULES, as a productivity technique, help establish and maintain acceptable standards of meeting behavior. Using this technique virtually eliminates behavior problems before they begin. When behavior problems do occur, pre-established GROUND RULES support your request for change.

This technique involves discussing and posting the resulting meeting GROUND RULES in Continue reading

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Creating Agendas for Meetings that Matter

November 6, 2013

Many experts would argue that the meeting agenda, if properly prepared, is the most important and powerful component of any meeting. It is, at the very least, your road map to success. The agenda is a fundamental and essential element of every meeting, serving as your preparation tool and script notes.
Once you have answered the premeeting planning questions (listed in my last blog), you can effectively build your agenda.

This process includes:
• Finalizing the order and flow of the agenda
• Reviewing the selected techniques, processes, and time frames for each agenda item
• Identifying alternative techniques in Continue reading

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