Organizational Development Consultant

Stakeholder Identification and Planning

August 28, 2013

“I know that our strategy is going to make significant changes to the way we work around here. And I know that there will be a lot of resistance. What can I do to ensure that our strategy actually becomes a reality?”

What is it?
A stakeholder is anyone who has a stake in the results of your change. In a business situation, stakeholders could include employees, management, unions, customers, suppliers, the board of directors, shareholders, community interest groups and government regulatory authorities.

Shareholder Identification and Planning is the process of determining who your stakeholders are, learning what their needs Continue reading

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Business Cases as Transformation Tools

August 25, 2013

“I’ve been having trouble getting approval for important changes to the way we do business. I can’t seem to get the leadership team on the same page. What can I do?”

What is it?
A Business Case describes the goal, costs and benefits of making a change with the purpose of influencing decision makers to approve the change. Although Business Cases are usually expressed in financial terms and written with the CFO in mind, a strong business case is one that addresses not only the financial rationale for a change, but also the non-financial and non-quantifiable components of the change. Continue reading

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